About Us

About Us should technically be called About Me, as Unhinged Collectibles is a solo run operation that started because of my love of horror, sci-fi and of course, action figures! However, my passion began to fade as I realised that obtaining action figures was becoming a big problem in my area, specifically New Brunswick. The cost to buy a figure and have it shipped was becoming astronomical. Now, I’m not blaming websites for trying to make a profit and keep afloat, but for people to enjoy what they love, there has to be an affordable option. That is where Unhinged Collectibles comes into play.

It’s my goal to provide fans with the means of buying what they love at an attractive price, one that won’t empty the wallet. My focus is on the Atlantic Canada region, but I will strive to serve everyone in Canada with the same goal of saving you money.

I want to thank you for shopping at Unhinged Collectibles and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]. Also, you can visit the FAQ page for answers to any general questions you may have.

Thanks again and remember to keep it unhinged!